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Response factor (F), Detector Response Factor (DRF)

A correction factor to calculate the true value of an analyte concentration in internal standard calibration. It represents differences in response between the analytes and the internal standard for a particular detector. Thus, the response factor (F), aka detector response factor (DRF) aka detector response ratio must be calculated experimentally for each analyte in each detector/system. Usually peak area is used in the calculation, but peak height may be used.

Calculate Response factor (F) using internal standard

(Analyte peak area/ Analyte concentration) = F (Standard peak area / Standard concentration)

The equation assumes linearity through the origin, no negative numbers, using internal standard

Note: Response factor has an alternate definition in some scientific fields, especially when not using in internal standard calibration. "Response factor" is sometimes defined as "calibration factor". For example, in GC-MS response factor is used as calibration factor meaning the peak area over analyte concentration.

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